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The Short Version

Spawnpoint is a brand new Arenascale VR platform focused on providing untethered VR content and powerful arena management tools.

The Long Version

Spawnpoint provides a suite of powerful management tools for freeroam, untethered VR arenas alongside a growing library of engaging content. Through their central controller software a venue can manage every Spawnpoint arena and dozens of headsets with ease. Operators can remotely update all of their Spawnpoint games, manage the tracking maps of enterprise-ready headsets such as the VIVE Focus 3 and Pico 4 Enterprise to easily align all the players in an arena, and are provided with a number of quality of life improvements for non-Enterprise headsets such as the Meta Quest 2 for those venues who aren't ready to invest in the more expensive hardware.

Spawnpoint provides a self-service approach for a venue's customers. Players can login to an arena through a QR code based system displayed on a monitor or tablet that will automatically assign them a headset, so that operators can focus on preparing customers to enter the arena rather than manually entering names and allocating headsets.

The Studio

Spawnpoint has been developed by Fennec Labs Ltd, a UK based VR and AR studio that specialises in Location-Based Entertainment Solutions

Brand Assets

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The Spawnpoint and Spawnpoint Logos are available as a light on dark or dark on light format depending on your needs - however our preferred format is light on dark.

The RE:COIL Logo works on any background and is available for web and large-format printing.

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Handy Glossary

The VR industry is filled with weird and wonderful terms, here's some definitions for words you may not be familiar with:

Players can roam around the entire VR space freely, every player is positioned in the same place as they are in real life so they can high five both in real life and in VR, and can safely move around without bumping into one another.

The next step up from “roomscale”, arenascale is defined by larger arenas in the 16-100sqm range and beyond, usually with multiple players

VR Arcade
A place where you can go to play VR content away from home, they are usually a mixed offering of roomscale “station” based VR and freeroam arenas

A single installation of an arenascale experience in a venue, utilising multiple headsets

Players are not tethered to a PC, so can roam around without wire length limitations or risk of tangling themselves or others

Standalone Headset
A headset that does not require a PC to operate, based on powerful mobile hardware running the Android operating system.

"Location-Based Entertainment", the catch-all term for VR Arcades and other entertainment venues such as bowling alleys, etc.