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With our easy to use SDK and powerful release management platform

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Because deploying your games shouldn't be difficult

Spawnpoint takes the hard work out of deploying your arenascale content to arcades all over the world. With release management tools, easy license handling and game config management all handled by us, you can focus on more important tasks - like making amazing VR experiences!

Advanced Release Channel Management

Deploy your development, alpha and beta builds using Spawnpoint's release channel system. Whether you need to distribute different branches of your game or you just want to test a pre-release build we've got you covered! Just use our CLI tool to upload your builds directly to our CDN.

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Game Performance Reporting

Monitor your game's financial performance as the sessions happen - track unique players, session statistics, billable minutes and more. Spawnpoint also keeps track of per-session data reported by you from our SDK - so you know exactly who was playing on what map, their scores, and who won that match. Anything you report, we can track.

Partner with Spawnpoint

Integrate the Spawnpoint SDK

For licensing, configuration and operator control

Auto Configuration

Spawnpoint handles connectivity, spectator settings, player profiles and alignment so you don't have to. Our easy to use SDK will provide all of this to your game on each launch

Integrated Operator UI

Everything in Spawnpoint is browser-based, including the game controls for operators. We'll work with you to create a web UI specifically for you game that embeds right into the Spawnpoint interface

Player Profiles

Utilise our extensive player profile system for character customisation and game stat tracking. With even more features coming soon, we'll make sure your game on Spawnpoint will be the best it can be

Installer FAQs

No, the only games we require exclusivity on are our own or ones we have funded. Whether you launch your content on other platforms is entirely up to you.

Not at all, the player profile features such as customisation, achievements, etc are entirely optional - the only requirement is that you use the player name the Spawnpoint SDK provides to you, as this will have been set by the operator.

We currently do not charge for onboarding your content onto our platform as long as it launches onto our public marketplace.

Yes, we agree a revenue split with each developer individually but it should generally expected to be based on industry standard rates.

In order to maintain some of Spawnpoints basic principles that make the platform so operator-friendly, we do have some requirements that need to be met. These are not generally big asks, and are more to ensure consistency between games and to maintain certain functionality such as being offline-friendly.

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