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Platform Benefits

Spawnpoint does the heavy lifting to keep your arenas running smoothly - check out some of the benefits below

Stay in Control

Manage every Spawnpoint Arena in your venue from your desktop, laptop or tablet using one convenient browser-based interface

No internet? No problem!

Your Spawnpoint Arenas only need to connect to our servers every few days, and all of your operator controls are accessible locally from your network.

Keep an eye on everything

Whether it's low batteries, poor wifi signals or out of date games - you can monitor every aspect of the headsets in your arenas from one location

Over the air updates

No more painstakingly plugging in headsets to update your games, your entire arena can be updated from our control panel in a few clicks

Fair, multi-currency pricing

Pay only for what you use in the currency of your choice - no upfront fees, no unfair credit expiration dates, and pay-per-minute is going nowhere

Keep customers in the game

Spawnpoint offers a robust kiosk system to keep customers from leaving the game - no more confused players, and no more accidental collisions

Quick & Easy to Setup

It doesn't take much to start a Spawnpoint Arena

VR Headsets

We support the VIVE Focus 3, Meta Quest 2/3, Pico Neo 3 Pro & Pico 4 Enterprise

Check out our Quickstart Package for a great bundle deal on our recommended headsets, the VIVE Focus 3 & Pico 4 Enterprise

WIFI Router

An off-the-shelf router is all you need to connect your players together wirelessly for untethered play in your freeroam arena

Gaming PC or Laptop

Spawnpoint runs entirely within your network via a PC or laptop, which runs the game servers and acts as a spectator view for your arena

An open space

Our library supports arenas from 5x5m and up, with some games supporting spaces up to a massive 18x15m.

Check out the full list of games for a breakdown of each game's size requirements

New Games Coming Soon

Check out our growing library of incredible content

Work together with your friends to slay countless members of the undead. Customise your build with unique perks and weapons in this roguelike horde shooter!

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Aimed towards a family friendly audience, The Arctic Olympics is series of competitive mini-games starting with Slingshot Challenge: See which of you is the greatest marksman as you pelt, melt and freeze the invading waves of snowmen.

Climb the leaderboard and see if you can go for gold at the Arctic Olympics!

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